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Javelina Station

by on Mar.01, 2011, under Campus, Life

While surfing Student Doctor Network, I came across a candidate for the Class of 2015 who asked about Javelina Station – the student only apartment complex across from campus. Living here has several advantages…

1) FULLY FURNISHED. There’s no need to move all that crap down here!
2) Proximity to the school. If you’re a morning person (which I’m not), you can walk to school in the morning. Rather refreshing once in awhile. If you’re like me though, you can literally wake up 10 minutes before class and still make it if you drive.
3) Covered utilities (Electricity up to $120 per month… after that, you pay the surplus. The surplus is split between your flatmates).
4) Large yard and swimming pool in the back for barbeques, volleyball, swimming, etc. It also means you’re in immediate access to most of the off-campus functions that a lot of the CoP’s organizations hold (i.e. APhA’s start of the year and Halloween parties, SNPhA’s socials, etc.)

My only complaints are the blasted internet and the maintenance crew. The internet is completely unreliable here. Based on what I’m seeing here, I’m led to conclude that the entire building or the entire complex uses the same line. The fastest times are at night, or while everyone’s in class. God forbid if you want to accomplish something involving the internet (i.e. looking up OTC medications on the MSL) at a normal hour… Gotta go to the CoP or the library for that! As for the maintenance crew… I hear certain people have fairly okay experiences with them, but each time I ask them to come to my apartment to fix something, they always just come in, “check” the problem and just write it off as normal. I’ve been living with a shower that runs out of hot water in a matter of 4 minutes because most of the hot water still goes through the faucet portion rather than the shower head. Instead, what he does is he turns up my water boiler… which did nothing to affect the time and hiked my electricity bill sky high.

Oh, and I guess the fact they didn’t accomodate my request to be on the top floor would count against them. They say that they’ll put you in a building with only pharmacy students, but because not enough of us signed up here, they moved some undergrads above me. Party every Wednesday and um… “jackhammering” every other night. I borderline contemplate finalizing my order for a vuvuzela each time I hear them doing their business up there…

It’s a double edged sword, really. If you’re used to living in an apartment by yourself already, you may want to consider other options. If you’re used to dorm life, Javelina Station would be a good stepping stone towards an apartment.

Despite my grievances, I’ll still be living here since I like waking up and being able to get to class in no time, as well as the convenience of all the furniture and washer/dryer/crisper.

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